Halo! Call me Brazzzza, i'm a silver2 cho'gath, technophile and gamedev enthusiast
Software Development
Engineering Management
3D / Sound Engineering
From prototyping to production and optimization
  • 7 years of client-server applications development: VoIP, multiplayer games, full-stack web.
  • 10 years of C# experience: Unity and WPF applications.
  • Performance optimizations through parallelism or algorithms.
  • Broad hands-on experience in additional domains: Cloud, Fullstack Web Development, 3D engines.
Deep technical understanding of the product and empathy to people
  • More than 6 years in People, Project, and Stakeholder management. 
  • Helping teams to reach their potential through growth opportunities and inclusion mindset.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders using a deep understanding of product strengths, tradeoffs, integration points. 
  • Tailoring processes for the team and the product.
Tweaking existing or creation of simple 3D and Sound assets
  • 7 years as a performing and recording musician.
  • Medium skills in DAW and Sound Engineering applications: Reaper, FMOD.
  • Basic skills in 2D image editing applications: GIMP, Photoshop.
  • Basic skills in 3D modeling and animation applications: 3DS Max, Blender.
most proud of
ApriCat.Run game release
As the leader of a small team of enthusiasts, I built from the ground up, released, promoted, and analyzed a fully-fledged mobile game with nice graphics, clear IP, and analytics.
2x team growth
As a manager of a world-class team, I was instrumental in doubling crew numbers and evolving it into an agile team that uses modern tools and practices.
Intel® MPI Library upgrade
I drove and coordinated the migration of the product to the whole new codebase along with regular releases of the old codebase. This was crucial due to the scalability and performance limitations of the legacy code.
Unity / C#
Art Engineering
Work History
2012 - Now
2012 - Now
Indie Game Developer
9+ years
I'm a part of a small team with diverse skills developing an online mobile game.
My main focus is around VFX, sound, GUI and some core features development.
Earlier a subset of the team released another game on Google Play Store.
2015 - 2022 
2015 - 2022 
Intel Corporation
6+ years
One of the IT industry leaders. Main focus areas of the manager role: people, product, stakeholders, processes.
Main technical areas: High-Performance Computing, performance and scalability optimizations of various nature.
2009 - 2015
2009 - 2015
MERA Software Services (now Orion Innovation)
7 years
An outsource company. I worked with three various customers and had opportunities to work in waterfall, agile-ish, and crazy startup teams as a developer and then a team lead. Main technical areas: telecom, web development.